About Us

We Provide Sound Investments That Generate Wealth For Generations.

Our mission is to create long-term, sustainable and lucrative partnerships with institutional and private investors alike, throughout the nation.

Attractive asset classes, tailored for your specific investment goals.

Whether Central Bridge Capital, Central Bridge Investments, or Central Bridge Development, we bring value to communities across Central Florida through unique investment opportunities that deliver superior returns.


Strategic Investment Advisory

We identify unmatched opportunities in unexpected markets.


Capital Formation Expertise

We provide sound investments that generate wealth for generations.


In-depth Industry Knowledge

We acquire our own deals. No middleman necessary, so you get a larger share of the profits.

Central Bridge Holdings Real Estate Investment Management Team

About Central Bridge Holdings.

Central Bridge Holdings is an innovative and pioneering real estate investment firm that identifies diamond-in-the-rough investments in under-valued and high-performing real estate markets. With our extensive experience and expertise, we have acquired an intuitive understanding of the diverse markets within which we operate, and we endeavor to not only produce incredible returns for our investors but also deliver tangible human benefits for the communities in which we invest.

Central Florida Is Our Home.

We’re firmly embedded within the real estate landscape of Central Florida, and we are connected with the expectations and requirements of various communities throughout the area. With our presence and expertise, we’re well-placed to identify flipping opportunities the moment they appear and capitalize on them in order to achieve the greatest potential.

Whether it is apartment complexes and developments consisting of more than one hundred units, or family homes and properties, we have the abundant industry knowledge and experience required to consistently deliver unparalleled returns to institutional and individual investors alike.

Executive Team.

Victor Lopez Founder CEO Central Bridge FL
Victor Lopez

Founder & CEO

Alan Proano COO Central Bridge FL
Alan Proano

COO & Managing Partner

Central Bridge –
Full-Service Cycle.

Through our three businesses, Investments, Developments, and Capital, we empower our clients to not only generate impressive profits but to make a tangible communal and societal impact as well.

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Providing lucrative Real Estate investment opportunities

Acquisitions – Our team will hold a consultation with prospective investors so that we can discover lucrative real estate investment opportunities for you.

Asset Management – Even once the investments have been secured, our partnership will continue throughout the entirety of the project, ensuring that every phase of the project is carried through to completion and as per requirements.

Investments Evaluation – The real estate market is dynamic and unpredictable, by evaluating projects, developments, and forecasted budgets, we can determine the perfect time to sell, refinance or re-invest.

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Establish a financial partnership with us on housing developments.

Developments – With extensive experience and expertise, our team will strategize a plan for each development project which is tailored to set requirements and expectations.

Construction – With in-house construction, any incidences of delays, errors, or change orders can be brought to a minimum. Central Florida is home, and our ability to navigate the nuances and complexities of its real estate landscape is unparalleled.

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Discover unexpected opportunities in undervalued real estate markets.

Syndications – Investors can obtain access to lucrative real estate investments by consulting with our sales team.

Identification – Following the consultation, our team will begin identifying the best opportunities available based for the investor.

Victor Lopez from Central Bridge

A Note From Central Bridge Leadership.

We believe that compassion and honesty are integral components within the contemporary real estate market, and we’re committed to absolute integrity and transparency throughout our partnerships and transactions. With our brilliant team and in-depth industry knowledge, we’re perfectly positioned to adapt and respond swiftly to emerging opportunities, bringing our proven expertise to large and small projects alike.

We’re adept at navigating unexpected markets and driving unmatched profits from the investments we make, generating consistent returns, high distribution, and long-term equity growth. Whether it is through Central Bridge Development, Investments, or Capital, we’re passionate about bringing value and impact to communities across Central Florida through the unique investment opportunities we identify, whilst simultaneously delivering superior returns.

When you forge a partnership with Central Bridge, you will have access to our diligent industry professionals, the knowledge and resources required to come to an informed decision, and the means to transform your vision into a reality. We’re an investment firm that is driven by the belief that the real estate market should be established on a foundation of transparency, compassion, and integrity.

Our Values.

At Central Bridge, we bring the principles, compassion, vision, and drive necessary to capitalize on investment opportunities in lucrative real estate markets.

The Principles

Integrity frames our partnerships and relationships. It is the cornerstone of every business decision. We stick to our word, never compromising our principles for personal gain.

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The Heart

People and relationships. They are the heartbeat behind our work. We embrace compassion and profits, transforming communities and individual lives through savvy investments.

The Vision

With ingenuity we identify opportunities, pinpointing value in the unexpected. With vision we clear the path to implement it, capitalizing on opportunities in overlooked markets.

The Drive

Motivation and expertise – that’s our winning formula. We’re young and not afraid to admit it, because it drives us to work harder, walk the extra mile, and deliver strong returns.

Superior Returns For Our Investors.

Our team combines strategic advisory, capital formation expertise, and in-depth industry knowledge to support our private and institutional Investors through the investing process.