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Extensive Experience In Investments
Across The Risk Spectrum and Within Undervalued Markets.

We are high-conviction investors operating within a pioneering real estate model which promises to deliver incredible returns. We endeavor to represent a real estate investment benchmark that is underpinned by the values of honesty, creativity, and commitment for the clients we work with and the communities in which we invest.

House Flipping Projects.

Central Bridge Investments comprises our house flipping business, through which you can finance a ‘fix and flip’ for your properties. Navigating and assessing the flipping market has never been more challenging, however, primarily due to the introduction of various legislations and restrictions which are subject to rigid oversight.

Our team at Central Bridge Investments are amongst the brightest minds in real estate investment, and alongside the considerable experience and extensive resources that we have at our disposal, we’re in an ideal position to create differentiated strategies that will identify opportunities and discover the most valuable returns.

Intuitive Market Experience.

Orlando is our home and we have an intimate understanding of the nuances and patterns of its real estate market, uniquely positioning us to deliver intuitive guidance and insight. House flipping projects are complicated endeavors, from identifying which assets are most likely to deliver the desired returns to then following the project through to completion. We’re passionate and driven opportunists, and our team will provide you with exciting and lucrative opportunities which promise stability, long-term investment, and impressive leverage.

Unlock Unexpected Value.

The market for flipping properties may be mired in logistical and financial complexities, but at Central Bridge Investments we are perfectly positioned to deliver exceptional opportunities for superior returns. With our investments, you will be able to unlock additional value and further establish yourself within the real estate landscape.

What We Look For

Single Family Home Real Estate Listing on a Laptop
Management team looking at real estate investment opportunities

Asset Management

Central Bridge Investments can help you invest in single-family real estate 100% passively. We take the stress out of real estate investing and as clients help you acquire, manage, and sell investment properties on your behalf. In addition, we help clients acquire and build buy and hold real estate portfolios that will allow them to create generational wealth.

“The number one kept secret in real estate investing is the secured loan investing, once only available for banks now it’s available to everyone”

CEO of Central Bridge Holdings
Victor Lopez

Private Lending Program

As a full-service investment firm Central Bridge Investments has our private lending program, where you can invest in secured real estate investments by becoming the lender. By partnering with CBI as a private money lender you can reap the benefits of high returns through interest payments while maintaining low risk by having your money secured by real estate.

The need for private money investors:

As an innovative investment firm, we are always looking for partners that share our vision and can help us grow and scale our business. In order to leverage cash, investors often time look to private money lenders or hard money lenders to help them acquire property. This is why we rely on a large network of investors like you to allow us to expand our business. Then we can be successful in real estate investing and pass the results of that success directly to you as an investor.

Real Estate Investment team looking at the cash process

The Cash buying process:

More often than not we purchase homes that are in distressed meaning sellers are usually in over their heads with a variety of situations: bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, probate and etc. As a result they often times look to sell fast, meaning they rather skip the traditional process of going through a realtor, instead, they rather sell their home quickly to a cash buyer that can purchase within their time frame. This is where we can come in buy the property cash, and provide them with the convenience of a quick sale, and exchange we purchase the property at a heavy discount below market value. We then take the property either take it down ourselves in-house or pass it to our investors to fix and flip within a short period of time. As investors this truly allows us to hedge our risk and maximize our returns in a short period of time.

Benefits of partnering with CBI

  • Invest in real estate 100% passively without ever stepping foot in a flip
  • High yield returns from interest payments
  • Competitive ROI compared to money markets
  • 2-4 months investment secured by real estate
  • CBI will vet deals in bring them directly to the investor
  • In house underwriting team
Realty investment partners looking out a window

Realtor partnership program

Central Bridge Investments is always looking to grow our network of investor-friendly realtors. As cash buyers, we often have to move quickly to the closing table so we are looking for realtors nationwide that can partner with us in purchasing fix and flips properties. Our partnership programs allow realtors to represent us as our buyer’s agent and then be our listing agent once the flip is completed. We look to establish long and fruitful relationships with realtors across the nation. In addition partnering with CBI allow realtors to send us distressed properties that they cant sell in their local market, and be rest assured to have a qualified buyer ready to purchase. If interested Contact Us today.

We Can Effectively Identify Investment Themes Before Others And Capitalize On Them With Conviction.