Central Bridge Capital

Securing a legacy for generations

We look for the diamond in the rough investment opportunities that have existing cash flow today and long term equity growth tomorrow. Our goal Is to take the stress out of investing and help you gain the confidence and knowledge to get started on your path to passive investing. We bring you opportunities so you can grow your wealth alongside us.

Our Approach

Central Bridge Capital focuses on investing in value add distressed multifamily assets

Our locality/demographic-driven investment strategy gives us the growth and resilience we look for in our assets

Value Add

We focus on essential housing, value-oriented properties with the clear focus of repositioning the asset


We access the great middle-market assets through our in-house acquisition and strong broker partnerships


We aim to stabilize and reposition assets with the goal to utilize long-term, fixed-rate financing to maintain as a legacy asset and build a portfolio for future generations

Benefits of Multifamily Real Estate

Cash Flow

Buying assets with existing net positive cashflow


Minor capex and realigning mismanaged expenses can yield a 10x appreciation in the asset’s value


Multifamily has proven to be the most resilient asset class due to a shortage of essential housing

Tax Benefits

The asset class provides investors with multiple tax advantages such as the ability to keep deploying earnings while mitigating tax liabilities


Multifamily gives you access to larger deals, allowing you the ability to purchase more assets with the same amount of capital

Inflation Protection

Hedge against inflation as historically real estate investments outperform inflation


Central Bridge Capital

Why Central Bridge Capital

Data analytics on a screen for Florida Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Unexpected Value.

Through our syndications, we offer attractive investment opportunities in the midst of any market condition, to institutional and private investors alike. In these times of unprecedented change and development, we endeavor to provide stabilized real estate with a long-term investment horizon and moderate leverage. At the same time, we’ll unlock additional value via focused asset management. The mobility and flexibility of your investments will be unparalleled – you can invest in new asset classes and unveil profits in the most unassuming of places, such as low-income and affordable housing.

Leading Investment Results.

The solutions we provide are as practical as they are diverse, and we can effectively identify investment themes before others and capitalize on them with conviction. Thematically, we invest in those assets where we can envision accelerated growth potential, as determined by broader economic and demographic trends. Central Florida is our home, and we can navigate the nuances and patterns of its real estate market as if they are the lines on the palm of our hand.

We Acquire Our Own Deals, Eliminating The Middleman.

The benefit of this is that when an opportunity presents itself we can pivot and capitalize on it without delay. In an era when real estate markets are so saturated and competitive, we seek to utilize our expertise and presence to generate incredible returns for our investors in overlooked markets and exercise a truly positive impact on the communities in which we invest.

Delivering Superior Returns For Investors.

  • Strong return on capital from forced appreciation and existing cash flow

  • Enhanced portfolio diversification with low to moderate volatility and no correlation to the equities and fixed-income markets

  • Ability to fund your investment with cash, a self-directed IRA, or both

  • Leverage years of real estate investing experience

We Are High-conviction Investors.

We continuously out-perform by concentrating our capital in the most lucrative real estate markets. We are opportunists at heart, and we seek to acquire undervalued, high-performing markets and transform them into exciting investment opportunities.

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